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Among the Tin Cans and Broken Glass
Alley Justice

The County
Good Ones and Scallywags


T. A. Novak is a 72-year-old retiree (since the end of 1997). He is a married father of four grown children, has one stepson, eight grandchildren, five great grandchildren and counting. His wife of 22 years, Edie, is his partner, friend, biggest fan and critic. Her subtle suggestions started the long journey that resulted in his first novel, Among the Tin Cans and Broken Glass. That novel was based on the experiences he had as a police officer in Detroit during the 1960s.

He took up bird dogs and bird hunting in 1966. This interest led him to his second book, Good Ones and Scallywags. This is not a dog training book, but a compilation of stories based on the dogs, birds and people he’s met over the years—some tales are serious, some humorous, and all true.

While enjoying winters in the Southwest U.S. he joined a writer’s group in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. While fulfilling his assignments with the group more police-type adventures evolved. The result is this, his second novel, Alley Justice.

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Among the Tin Cans and Broken Glass


In the 1960’s, Detroit, Michigan had a population of approximately 1.5 million people. Their police force numbered around 5,200 men and women. This is the story of one of the officers that served on that department. He was no super-hero, just a man who loved being a police officer. The time he served spanned the 1967 Detroit Riot, a trying time in that man’s life and the city’s history. This book is based on actual incidents occurring during the 1960’s in Detroit. Names and places have been changed. The book also contains street language and jargon, not intended to offend or alienate the reader, but to depict the reality in the day-to-day life of a police officer.

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Among the Tin Cans and Broken Glass

ALLEY JUSTICE (Jake Bush Book 2)

The 1970s was a decade of many changes in the city of Detroit. One major change was Coleman Young had been elected as the city’s fi rst black mayor. Detroit garnered the title “Murder City”—a take on “Motor City”—in 1974 when 714 homicides were recorded as the city sought to layoff police officers. Detroit and its new mayor had many problems to overcome. 1971 had Jake Bush return to the Detroit Police Department. After a family tragedy he decided to come back to do the one thing he knew how to do well—arresting bad guys. Three years away from the city’s streets and alleys, he picked up where he left off.

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Among the Tin Cans and Broken Glass

THE COUNTY (Jake Bush Book 3)

Patrolman Jake Bush’s move from Detroit to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department was to allay his wife’s fears about being married to a cop while continuing to do the type of work he lived for—locking up criminals.

He thought he’d leave behind the dangers of working the inner-city for the imagined slower pace of a county deputy. Little did he know as he was suddenly confronted with crimes like a series of murders and child kidnappings that not only touched his life, but the lives of those he loved.

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Among the Tin Cans and Broken Glass


This is not a dog training book, but a collection of short stories (some funny, some serious) about bird dogs, birds and people the author has met over the 45+ years he has been involved with dogs and bird hunting—both the "Good Ones and the Scallywags".



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Alley Cop Publishing


Alley Cop Publishing was formed to exclusively publish T. A. Novak's first novel when his publisher took him (and others) to the cleaners. The company name was then used to publish his next two books and any that might follow.

Alley Cop Publishing can direct you to reputable publishers who deal with "Indie Authors" and  will have your work in print with the least amount of expense and frustrations.



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